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Great quotes to help quit smoking

Sometimes you come across a quote or saying, and you think, gosh so true, I will remember that. Maybe those words give you a gentle push in the right direction or the ever necessary “reality check.” Here to share with you are some of life’s quotes that

Giving Up Smoking Will Increase Your Wealth

Figures released recently by the Health Development Agency confirm that smoking is killing around 83,200 people a year in England. It is the largest cause of illness and significantly decreases smokers expected life-span. Speak to any reformed smoker and they will tell you just how difficult it

Give up smoking!

If you ask yourself why you should give up smoking just take a look at the risks and costs of continuing to smoke. First you should know that 22% of all male deaths are due to smoking and 11% of all female deaths have the same cause.

Get Healthy, Quit Smoking

Once you start to smoke, there is no turning back. Nicotine is one of the most addictive, harmful, and widely used class of drugs in the world. Responsible for 440,000 deaths each year, tobacco and nicotine products still sell briskly almost anywhere — from corner stores, supermarkets,

Get a Stop-Smoking Vaccine to Help You Quit

If you have been smoking cigarettes for one year or many years, you’ll know how addictive they are. Your body gets used to the nicotine and the smoking habit, and it lets you know when you need to have a smoke break. What if you could free

General Statistics On Cigarette Smoking

People smoke for different reasons. Some do it as a form of stress release, to some a form of socialization. To some it is their way of rebelling against their superiors, to some it is an addiction. But whatever reasons a person has to make them start

General Information On Smoking

In the sixties, when the hippies ruled the world, cigarettes were available just about anywhere, and they can smoke pretty much anywhere they please – even in hospitals! Different advertisements of cigarettes filled the streets as well. But nowadays we’re more aware about the different effects smoking

Free Stop Smoking Patch Myths

Many ex-smokers explorers have heard or used stop smoking patches. Many ex-smokers explorers have read at least once adverts for a free stop smoking patch. However, the truth is that there is no such thing as a free stop smoking patch. The good news is that nicotine

Free Quit Smoking Advice

If you are trying to quit smoking but are working on a restricted budget, there are a number of free quit smoking programs available to you. You can also consider trying a habit replacement method to help you quit smoking. If you are truly ready to kick

Free Help to Stop Smoking

One of the most common reasons to deny quitting smoking is the cost of the stop smoking aids. Many smokers find silly excuses like what it is going to cost to use the stop smoking products, the cost of the laser or acupuncture therapies, let alone the